Hello! I am Qingyu Guo (郭庆宇), a Ph.D. candidate from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. My advisor is Prof. Xiaojuan Ma.

My research interest lies in social computing and human-centered machine learning. My goal is to understand human communication and enhance their capabilities in social context, especially for online social support and collaboration. I develop computational models and build interactive systems to gain insights and assist people. Moreover, I am interested in multimodal understanding.

Besides my supervisor, I am fortunate to have the opportunity of conducting research with Prof. Hao Liu, Prof. Fuzhen Zhuang, and Prof. Hui Xiong. Under their guidance, I have been working on the topic of time-series forecasting and the application of graphs.


Facilitating Continuous Text Messaging in Romantic Encounters Online by Expanded Keywords Enumeration

CSCW 2022 (Poster)

Understanding and Modeling Viewers’ First Impressions with Images in Online Medical Crowdfunding

Qingyu Guo, Siyuan Zhou, Yifeng Wu, Zhenhui Peng, Xiaojuan Ma
CHI 2022

Who will Win the Data Science Competition? Insights from KDD Cup 2019 and Beyond

TKDD 2022

Effects of Support-Seekers’ Community Knowledge on their Expressed Satisfaction with the Received Comments in Mental Health Communities

CHI 2021

A Survey on Knowledge Graph-based Recommender Systems

TKDE 2020

Exploring the Effects of Technological Writing Assistance for Support Providers in Online Mental Health Community

CHI 2020